We have one of the strongest manufacturing capabilities in the industry. Nutraceutical’s manufacturing process generally consists of the following operations :

  • Sourcing ingredients for products
  • Warehousing raw ingredients
  • Measuring ingredients for inclusion in such products
  • Blending the ingredients into a mixture with a homogeneous consistency
  • Encapsulating, tableting or pouring the blended mixture into the appropriate dosage form using either automatic or semiautomatic equipment

Nutraceutical manufacturing bottles of ingredients to products

Nutraceutical manufacturing bottling and packaging plant

The next step, bottling and packaging, involves placing the product in packaging with appropriate tamper-evident features and sending the packaged product to a distribution point for delivery to retailers. Nutraceutical places special emphasis on quality control and conducts inspections throughout the manufacturing process, including raw material verification, homogeneity testing, weight deviation measurements and package quality sampling. See Research and Development and Quality Control.

Nutraceutical manufactured over 80% of its products in fiscal 2002, based on net sales. By manufacturing the majority of its own products, Nutraceutical believes it maintains better control over product quality and availability while also reducing production costs. Nutraceutical’s manufacturing operations are performed in its facilities located in the greater Ogden, Utah area. Nutraceutical also has a working relationship with numerous outside manufacturers, including certain softgel manufacturers, and packagers and utilizes these outside sources from time to time.

Monarch Nutritional Laboratories and Great Basin Botanicals source raw material components, provide contract grinding and milling services, manufacture bulk materials and supply these to Nutraceutical and other marketers of nutritional supplements, including, in certain cases, Nutraceutical’s competitors.

exterior of Nutraceutical Manufacturing facility in Ogden Ut